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Carbon Fiber Tuning Lever

Fulfills all of your tuning needs with its amazing features:

  • Traditional threaded tip will fit all Schaff 5, 10 or 15 degree heads, freeing you from having to buy a separate dedicated head when you wish to change tuning hammer angles.
  • Fits standard Schaff tuning tips.
  • Two carbon fiber sections of length to suit your own preference and convenience; one as your basic length, the second as an extension.
  • Close to 0 flex throughout the length of the tuning hammer, allowing you unequaled intimacy with the feel of the tuning pin and making your tuning more stable.
  • A choice of grips from the traditional straight handle or the pear shaped grip, all made using highly polished fine hardwoods.

Your tuning has never been so easy or stable as it will be with Schaff’s new, advanced design carbon fiber tuning hammer!

No. 15425 – Set


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